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Trisha Yearwood admits it can be tough to age gracefully in the public eye: “I think about it a lot”

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Shannon Finney/Getty ImagesAs someone who’s been in the country music spotlight for three decades, Trisha Yearwood has had plenty of experience navigating getting older in the public eye. Still, the singer admits that it can be difficult to brush off the comments and critiques that people make about her appearance — at any age.

“I think about it a lot,” Trisha reflects in an interview with New Beauty. “Especially when I look back and see pictures of myself when I was 28 and remember I wasn’t happy with how I looked.”

“As women, we’re so hard on ourselves!” Trisha goes on to say. “We’re never thin enough, we’re never pretty enough, we’re never, whatever, fill in the blank.”

Looking at those pictures now, of course, it’s difficult to even remember exactly what it is she didn’t like about them.  “I’m like, ‘Oh my God, there’s not a line on your face!” says Trisha. “Why were you so hard on yourself?’”

But over the course of her career, Trisha, who turns 57 this fall, has learned an important lesson about beauty: It’s important to focus on making yourself happy, rather than trying to please everyone else.

“I learned a long time ago that, no matter how I feel about myself, somebody is going to love it and someone is going to hate it, so I have to base how I feel on how I actually feel about myself — not how someone else feels about me,” she declares.

By Carena Liptak
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