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Sam Hunt's latest hit is a sign of the times

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Steven WorsterSam Hunt‘s known for his infectious grooves and rap-influenced rhymes on mega-hits like “Body Like a Back Road.” But the Georgia native’s going a little deeper and delivering some social commentary with his latest hit from Southside

‘Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s,’ that’s a song that kinda speaks to the times a little bit,” Sam explains. “My favorite line from that song is ‘Modern love leads to modern hearts breaking / I’m just a product of my generation.'”

“It’s just a fun kinda simple reflection on how much more difficult it is to be so connected — the downside of being so connected nowadays,” he adds.

When Southside came out almost exactly a year ago, “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90’s” was among the last songs finished for Sam’s sophomore record.

“That was was one that was written in the ninth hour,” he reveals. “And it turned out pretty cool I thought, so we included it on the record.”

Fans who are anxious for new music from Sam can take heart. He’s teased that he has new music on the horizon, apparently avoiding the now-infamous more than five-year gap between his debut, Montevallo, and his second album.

By Stephen Hubbard
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