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Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation kicks off “Love Harder” campaign for dogs less frequently adopted

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Westin HeflinIn 2021, Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation will focus on supporting the shelter dogs who don’talways get easily adopted, including senior dogs, black dogs, pit mixes and dogs with disabilities.

“The truth is, these dogs are the easiest to love, maybe because they need us the most,” the singer reflects. “But with so many misperceptions, people sometimes shy away from adopting them. I want people to see the strong bonds and special love that can be shared with these harder to get adopted dogs.”

The campaign, called “Love Harder,” aims to bust myths about these special pets. MuttNation is currently accepting story submissions from fans about their “harder to adopt” shelter pets, offering each pet owner who shares their story the chance to win an Epiphone guitar signed by Miranda.

The singer, who has two senior dogs of her own, is also kicking off the “Love Harder” campaign by sitting down with Emmylou Harris and her senior pup, Jeter.

“They bring so much into your life,” Emmylou says of the experience of owning an older dog. “Maybe it’s because I’m an old dog myself, that I appreciate old age and that maybe we need a little bit more comfort and care.”

Emmylou has her own rescue organization, called Bonaparte’s Retreat, which is dedicated to providing for dogs who have been neglected or forgotten due to age, size or disability.

By Carena Liptak
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