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Maren Morris says motherhood is changing her songwriting as she heads into her third album

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ABCIn the past year, Maren Morris not only weathered the pandemic, scored hits and won awards, but she became a first-time mom to son Hayes, who just turned one. Of course, being a mother has meant lots of changes for “The Bones” singer, but she thinks it’s also had a big impact on her artistry.

Referring to herself and husband Ryan Hurd, Maren says, “We had Hayes right at the beginning of the pandemic, and we had no context. It was our first time being parents. But I feel like it’s changed me in so many ways. I feel like I write songs differently now because of him.”

“I dunno, it just gives you this other layer of life that so many people go through as parents,” she adds. “But as a writer, it kind of feels like you enter into this club. You’re like, ‘Oh, wow, there’s other people that did this! And also, multiple times!’ Like, that still blows my mind!”

“But we are really, really blessed,” Maren gushes. “And he’s such a happy little boy. And, yeah, we’re really lucky to have him.”

Maybe that’s why Maren wrote on social media that her third album, which she’s halfway done with, is “probably the happiest thing I’ve ever made.”

Baby Hayes also appears in the video for Maren’s “Better Than We Found It,” which is up for Music Video of the Year at next month’s ACM Awards.

By Carena Liptak and Andrea Desdale
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