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Maren Morris has no patience for the societal pressure to "snap back" after giving birth

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ABCMaren Morris is proud of the hard work and effort that goes into her fitness routine, but the singer’s making one thing clear: She’s got no patience for societal expectations put on women to “snap back” after giving birth.

“Am never saying ‘trying to get my body back’ again,” Maren wrote on social media on Friday. “No one took it, I didn’t lose it like a set of keys.”

Maren gave birth to her first child, son Hayes, in March of 2020. Since then, she’s been vocal about her objections to “mommy shaming,” and she’s stopped sharing images of baby Hayes’ face in her posts about him.

Now, “The Bones” star is offering a similar kiss-off to anyone who’s got any comments to make about her, or any other mom’s, postpartum body.

“The pressure we put on mothers to ‘snap back’ is insurmountable and deeply troublesome. You are and always were a f***king bada***,” Maren adds. “And yeah, I’m proud.”

Maren also shared a couple of pictures of herself, including one snap of her sitting cross-legged on her bed, and another of her at-home exercise routine in her kitchen with a Bosu ball.

By Carena Liptak
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