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Luke Bryan makes "Waves," as 'Born Here Live Here Die Here' gets the 'Deluxe' treatment

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Capitol Nashville It hasn’t exactly been an easy road for Luke Bryan‘s seventh studio album. But thanks to some of those setbacks, Luke’s fans can today enjoy six new songs, as Born Here Live Here Die Here grows from ten to sixteen tracks with its Deluxe Edition

Originally set to come out on April 24, 2020, the set was delayed until summer due to the global pandemic.

“When we went to release Born Here Live Here Die Here, we kinda got delayed because of COVID,” Luke recalls. “So we released Born Here Live Here Die Here here in August.”

“And through that process, even through quarantine, I had written a couple songs and we knew that we still wanted Born Here Live Here Die Here to be out there living,” he goes on.

In addition to the self-penned “Drink a Little Whiskey Down,” “Bill Dance,” and “Floatin’ This Creek,” Luke discovered three more cuts he loved.

“I had these six songs that I found and some of ’em I had already recorded, and I just felt like it was the perfect time to put out a deluxe version of this,” he says. “I love these songs. I love what they say.”

“They have a lot of rural-ness to ’em,” he reflects. “They have a lot of kind of down-home country feels to ’em. And I was excited for my fans to hear ’em as quick as I could get it out to ’em.”

“Country Does,” “Up,” and Luke’s new single, “Waves,” complete the new additions to the set. 

Look for Luke on both Good Morning America and GMA3: What You Need to Know today, ahead of his regular gig as a judge on American Idol on Sunday and Monday, all on ABC.

By Stephen Hubbard 
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