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"It happens a lot": Marvel fans feed Sebastian Stan the code words to "activate" his 'Winter Soldier' character

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Marvel Studios(LOS ANGELES) — According to the Marvel movies, Sebastian Stan’s brainwashed Bucky Barnes can be activated to become the merciless assassin The Winter Soldier if he hears a string of 10 trigger words. 

For the record, they’re the Russian words for “longing,” “rusted,” “seventeen,” “daybreak,” “furnace,” “nine,” “benign,” “homecoming,” “one,” and “freight car.”

In real life, Stan explains, those also are the most common words fans say if they happen to spot him.

“It happens quite often,” the Marvel movie actor-turned The Falcon and The Winter Soldier star confesses to BBC Radio, laughing. “It happens at coffee shops. It happens a lot. And it’s always very funny. It’s an honorable thing I guess.”

Stan adds, “You do have to sometimes look at people in the face and say, ‘No, I will not become The Winter Soldier when you say that. You can keep saying it, and maybe you should say it, maybe that’s a moment we both need to have together, now, here. But nothing crazy will happen.'”

The fourth episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier drops Friday on Disney+. 

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By Stephen Iervolino
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