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18 years in, Brad Paisley and wife Kimberly share what they love about their marriage

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Roy Rochlin/FilmMagicBrad Paisley and his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary last month. Almost two decades into their marriage, the couple is still finding a lot to love about each other, and they shared some of the specifics in a new cover story for People.

“You keep our house afloat,” Brad tells his actress wife, nodding to her skills as a mom to 14-year-old Huck and 11-year-old Jasper, as well as her knack for dealing with his own more immature moments.

“Seeing you give birth to two kids and raise a third is amazing,” Brad jokes about his childlike nature. “And you try to do the right thing all the time.”

“You care about all creatures, great and small,” Kimberly replies to Brad, citing a recent example: He ran out to check on a nest of goose eggs during a particularly powerful rainstorm. “They weren’t [okay],” Brad recalls.

“But it’s sweet how much you care,” insists Kimberly.

Most of all, the couple says they’re proud of how much they enjoy spending time together, even after years of marriage.

“A lot of married couples would rather do anything but spend the evening together,” Brad reflects. “That’s not the case in our house.”

Brad pays tribute to his wife, and all the other grit-fueled, independent women who inspire him, in his new song, “Off Road.”

By Carena Liptak
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