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"Workin' man's anthem": Chris Janson's "Waitin' on 5" is a "deep party song" for the "nine to fiver"

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Warner NashvilleIf you’ve been working all week and you can’t wait to blow off some steam, well, Chris Janson‘s latest hit was written especially with you in mind. 

‘Waitin’ On 5’’ is a workin’ man’s anthem,” the Missouri native explains. “It is a nine to fiver’s song. It is the guy or the girl who goes to work all week, and is literally waiting on five o’clock to roll around.”

“Now, there’s a whole other sentiment of it, too,” Chris continues. “‘Waitin’ on 5′ to get started on six, and we all know what that means. It could be six o’clock, it could be a six-pack, it could really be whatever you want it to be.”

Even though the “Buy Me a Boat” hitmaker wrote “Waitin’ on 5,” he admits it wasn’t his idea.

“I gotta be honest with you,” he reveals. “That was not my idea coming into it. That was a title that was brought to me by some friends of mine. And as soon as I heard it, I thought ‘Well, that’s probably a hit!’  And, man, I was right in the middle of writing this album.”

“And it really ends up feeling kind of like a party song,” he adds, “but it’s actually a little deeper than that. It’s kind of a deep party song. But it’s just for any nine to fiver out there, man, who works a day job and is in the grind of life and wants to take some time off and enjoy it.”

“Waitin’ on 5” is the third single from Chris’ Real Friends album, following the number ones “Good Vibes” and “Done.” 

By Stephen Hubbard
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