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Thomas Rhett's "Country Song" is just the beginning of a double album — and a trip down memory lane

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As Thomas Rhett namechecks more than a dozen country smashes in his latest hit, “What’s Your Country Song,” he’s sharing his story — as well as yours.

For TR, one of the cornerstones is his dad, singer/songwriter Rhett Akins.

“It was really interesting the way that we started to progress the song,” he explains. “I actually threw one of my dad’s song titles, ‘That Ain’t My Truck,’ in the second verse.”

“So, we picked a lot of songs that I feel like really shaped me as an artist,” he continues, “and put those into the verses. And then hopefully when the listener’s listening they don’t really hear the song titles, but it sounds more like a story.”

Thomas also hopes “What’s Your Country Song” will set you on a trip down memory lane — and make you feel young again.

“The more they listen to the song, I hope they can kinda go through and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love that song.  I love that song,'” he reflects.

“But I’m also wanting them to make their own interpretation of the song,” he adds, “and go, ‘Man, what were my songs that kind of defined my life? What songs did I hear on the radio, that when I hear ’em today as a 30-year-old or a 40-year-old, it makes me feel 17 again?'”

“What’s Your Country Song” is just the first taste of TR’s upcoming double album, Country Again, with the eleven-track Side A set to arrive April 30.

If that weren’t enough to keep the father-of-three busy, he’s also just launched his own Dos Primos brand of premium tequila with his cousin, Georgia pecan magnate Jeff Worn.

By Stephen Hubbard
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