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Runaway June invites you on a trip back to childhood with "We Were Rich"

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BBR Music GroupListening to Runaway June‘s “We Were Rich” can be a lot like climbing in a time machine and re-living the best parts of childhood. 

It’s a phenomenon lead singer Naomi Cooke experienced herself the very first time she heard the trio’s latest hit.

“There’s a line in the song that says, ‘One bathroom sink, we all took turns,'” she recalls. “It was like right at the beginning of the song… I kind of had a flashback of, like, all of us sharing this bathroom, banging on the door.”

“You know, ‘She’s hogging the bathroom, and you’re gonna use all the hot water…'” Naomi continues. “And my mom being like, ‘Let your sister in!’ And it was… so powerful, that memory. I just started crying.”

Growing up in Florida, Naomi says she “felt lucky a lot.”

“We got to sleep outside any time we wanted to, and I knew other kids weren’t allowed to do that…” she tells ABC Audio. “Or my dad would let us vacuum out his work van, and we’d find change.”

Naomi says a trip to get ice cream usually followed.

Natalie Stovall‘s family, however, found their treats in slightly more unusual places.

“We would go eat fried chicken after church,” she explains. “But the best fried chicken in town was at the hospital cafeteria. And as a kid, I never thought that was weird. I didn’t think it was weird at all.”

“I was so excited,” Natalie continues, as Naomi and Jennifer Wayne laugh. “‘Can we go to the hospital today?’ I wanted to go to the cafeteria and eat fried chicken in my Sunday dress!”  

You can get a closer look at Natalie’s hometown in the “We Were Rich” music video, which was filmed on the outskirts of Nashville in Columbia, Tennessee. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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