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Reba McEntire sings the theme song to 'Four Good Days', a new film drama starring Mila Kunis, Glenn Close

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ABC/Image Group LAReba McEntire will lend her vocals to the theme song of the upcoming mother-daughter drama Four Good Days, described as a gripping story of recovery and family love that will be in theaters in April.

Mila Kunis and Glenn Close join forces to help tell the story of 31-year-old Molly, played by Kunis, and her harrowing recovery from heroin addiction. Amid that painful journey, she reconnects with her estranged mother Deb, played by Close, who commits herself to helping her daughter recover while navigating their tenuous mother-daughter bond.

On social media, Reba shared her role in the film, also posting the trailer for Four Good Days.

“It was written by the amazing Diane Warren who also wrote my songs ‘I’ll Be’ and ‘What If,’” Reba says of the movie’s theme song, while also sharing her appreciation for the on-screen talents of the film’s two leading actors: “I’m so proud to be associated with these three very powerful women!”

Four Good Days also stars Stephen Root, Joshua Leonard and Sam Hennings. The film hits theaters April 30.



By Carena Liptak
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