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Niko Moon maps out trips and tattoos to mark his first #1 as an artist

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Matthew Berinato

After writing five number ones for Zac Brown BandNiko Moon marks an even more personal milestone this week, as “Good Time” becomes his first number one as an artist. And the Georgia native’s ready to take a hard-fought victory lap to mark the occasion.

“I wanna go on a trip somewhere, you know, I mean, because to be honest, I really haven’t gone too much of anywhere this past year,” he says. “So I told my wife she could pick where we go.”

“She’s kind of like trying to decide between going down to Florida to the beach, or maybe somewhere like Gatlinburg or something more, kind of like in the mountains.” he continues. “So… we’ll go and get away somewhere for a few days and celebrate.”

Anna Moon‘s rightfully part of the celebration, since she’s one of the co-writers of “Good Time” as well. 

Given Niko’s fondness for tattoos, if you’re expecting him to commemorate his chart topper with some new ink — well, he’s way ahead of you. 

“I got ‘Good Time’ tattooed on my legs, and that was when the song first released, because that was a big moment for me,” he reveals. “I mean, [it’s] my very first song I ever released as an artist, my very first song on the radio — I mean, major, major moment in my life — had to commemorate it.”

Niko is planning on adding another tattoo for his number one; he just hasn’t settled on it yet.

“I’ve been thinking maybe like a fishing pole with a little bobber on it or maybe a little bottle of apple pie moonshine,” he says. “I haven’t decided but I’m definitely gonna get something.”

You can check out Niko’s Tuesday night performance of “Good Time” from Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube now.

By Stephen Hubbard
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