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'My Savior': Carrie Underwood offers "a warm hug" and a "sense of home" with Christian album

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Jeff JohnsonEven during a pandemic, Carrie Underwood‘s figured out how to be amazingly productive. Today, just six months after the release of her holiday album, My Gift, her Christian album, My Savior, arrives. 

The thirteen-track volume collects mostly standards like “How Great Thou Art,” “Amazing Grace” and “Softly and Tenderly,” with the most contemporary track being Bill and Gloria Gaither‘s 1971 classic, “Because He Lives.” 

“I grew up singing these in church,” Carrie explains, “and my church that we go to right now, you know, they play a lot of very contemporary Christian songs, you know, praise and worship songs.”

“But every once in a while,” she continues, “they’ll kind of throw in, like a chorus or something of some hymn that I grew up with. And there’s an immediate sense of home when I hear that.”

“And that’s kind of, you know, where I was at when we were recording this,” she reveals. “You know, it should be like a warm hug.”

More than twelve months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, Carrie believes My Savior is an album the world needs. 

“After a year like last year, you know, I feel like people are definitely, you know, searching,” she reflects. “A lot of people were thrown out of their daily routines and, you know, trying to figure life out and be more introspective or kind of slow down. We were all forced to slow down.”

On Easter Sunday, April 4, Carrie hopes you’ll slow down long enough to check out her concert, My Savior: Live from the Ryman, which you can stream starting at noon ET via Facebook.

By Stephen Hubbard
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