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Maren Morris reveals her third album is "imminent" and "feels very back to my roots"

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Arista NashvilleIf you’re anxiously awaiting the third album from Maren Morris, the hitmaker behind “The Bones” and “My Church” promises it’s well on its way. 

“I am still writing,” Maren explains. “I’ve recorded a bulk of the songs, but I’m kind of giving myself this time to just see if I get any other songs in the mix.”

“I feel like I have a really strong batch of songs that I’ve already recorded with Greg Kurstin, my producer, and I love the sound direction that it’s heading in,” she adds, mentioning the Grammy-winner who also worked on 2019’s Girl.

You’ll have to admit Maren certainly hasn’t wasted much time, especially since she gave birth to her first child with Ryan Hurd, their son Hayes, just a year ago. 

“It’s imminent, but there’s no date on it yet,” she clarifies. “But I’m really enjoying just kind of finding the footing of where it’s going.”

“This is like the best part before anyone hears it,” she reflects. “You just get to, like, figure it out yourself. Like, what is the sound like? What’s the theme? What am I saying? And I’m in the thick of that right now, so I’ll probably have a better answer in a couple months.”

Sonically, Maren says the record “feels very back to my roots,” while adding she wrote a “handful” of the songs with Ryan during quarantine. 

“It’s really awesome!” he interjects, as Maren laughs. “From the non-objective husband sitting right here, it’s a really cool next step.”

Meanwhile, Ryan and Maren have released their duet, “Chasing After You,” as we wait for more new music.

Tonight, she performs her collaboration with JP Saxe“Line by Line,” on The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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