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Luke Bryan documents injury after fishing hook gets lodged in his hand

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ABC/Brian Bowen SmithLuke Bryan hooked a little more than he was bargaining for on a recent fishing trip.

On Tuesday, the country star revealed that he accidentally hooked his own thumb with a fishing hook. In a graphic clip shared to Instagram, which he captioned, “Dammit,” he shows off the injury and viewers can see the shark hook poking through his thumb, as well as a blood stain on his hand. 

“Well, this is gonna leave a mark,” Luke can be heard saying in the background. “Pretty sure that’s in my bone.”

The “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” singer wasn’t down for the count for long though. He shared an update to his Instagram Stories of himself in a vehicle with his guitar tech, Russ — presumably on the way to seek medical attention. 

“My guitar tech, I invited Russ on a fishing trip and leave it to me, I ruined the fishing trip,” he shared. “But we’ll be back on the water in about 25 minutes.” 

The next slide showed Luke laying down in a building holding a woman’s hand as he joked that he was probably “violating HIPPA somehow.” Then, two hours after that, he posted a video of him back on the water.

“Got the hook out,” he said while giving a thumbs up. “We’re back.”

By Megan Stone
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