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"Love must look good on me": Gwen Stefani credits Blake Shelton for her youthful glow

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Trae Patton/NBCGwen Stefani attributes fiancée Blake Shelton for helping her maintain a youthful appearance.  

Speaking recently to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, the 51-year-old pop superstar opens up about her views on aging, especially where it concerns women and celebrities.

“It’s really hard for everyone to age and have to face life. Especially for females and people who have been in the spotlight, it can be daunting,” she says, explaining how she rises above the pressure. “You tackle it by just trying to be the most beautiful version of yourself inside and out. People talking about my aging is a compliment, I guess. I’m kind of obsessed with how I’m aging, too.”

But when asked to divulge her secret to youthful-looking skin, Gwen says she doesn’t rely on creams or surgical enhancers.  Instead, she credits her happy and healthy relationship with the “God’s Country” singer for her youthful glow.

“Blake is the greatest guy. I look back over the past few years and look at pictures of when I first started kissing Blake, and I look the best I’ve ever looked in my life in those photos,” she claims. “Love must look good on me.  I feel like that does show through — it really does.”

Gwen and Blake met in 2014 when shooting The Voice, though Gwen admits that at the time, “I had no idea who he was.”

The couple has sent two duets to the top of the country charts over the past year with “Nobody but You” and “Happy Anywhere.” They announced their engagement in October but have yet to reveal a date for their wedding.

By Megan Stone & Cillea Houghton 
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