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Lindsay Ell teaches songwriting to fourth graders: "You guys are brilliant"

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Jeremy Cowart Lindsay Ell is kicking off Music In Our Schools Month in a heartwarming way. 

The “wAnt me back” singer joined forces with the CMA Foundation to lead a virtual songwriting workshop for a fourth grade class at Mt. View Elementary School just outside of Nashville. 

The singer instructed the young students that the first step in the songwriting process is to select a topic. The children decided to focus on the trials of 2020, Lindsay singing, “2020 got deep/Millions of people were crying.”

But the song also offers a sense of hope, with one student suggesting the lyric “we can still get through this.” Some of the students played along to the song on their pianos at home, including Jesiah as he sang “we won’t give up/Let’s keep on trying.”

“Having music in my school has had an impact on my life by helping me find my inner self and helping me know that I do have talent,” remarked fellow student Joyce about the power of music education. 

“The kids had such beautiful ideas and we wrote a song together. And some of the lyric ideas were like, ‘Wow, you’re in grade four and this is what you guys are thinking? You guys are brilliant,'” Lindsay praised. “I have such a newfound respect for what teachers have been through this past year. I just thank you for doing such a great, great job because it is a difficult one.” 

Lindsay is an artist ambassador for the CMA Foundation. 

By Cillea Houghton 
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