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“Knowing You”: Kenny Chesney brings an emotional landscape to life in his vibrant new video

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Allister AnnKenny Chesney filmed his music video for his newest song, “Knowing You,” against the vivid and contrasting backdrops of chilly New England and colorful St. Croix, one of the Virgin Islands.

That contrast between cool and warm highlights the emotions at play in the song, from remembering the happy days of a relationship to acknowledging that that relationship is now long gone.

“One of the things I love about this video is the way you can feel the settings,” says Kenny. “And each location…was selected because it feels the way these emotions actually feel.”

The singer pairs his song with a reflective voiceover, in which he meditates on the feelings of loving someone deeply, and then losing them.

“As I’ve said over and over lately, the people who come into your life and then are gone, it’s for any number of reasons,” the singer says. “But beyond missing them, you have the opportunity to recognize what they brought to your life and be thankful.”

“Knowing You” is the fourth single off of Kenny’s Here and Now album. The title track of that project became his 31st number-one hit.

By Carena Liptak
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