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Kip Moore added four new songs to 'Wild World Deluxe,' but he’s got even more unreleased music up his sleeve

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Jason Kempin/Getty ImagesWhen he released the deluxe edition of his Wild World album last month, Kip Moore bumped up the project’s track list from 13 to 17 songs.

Wild World Deluxe features new additions “Man’s Gotta Do,” “Midnight Slow Dance,” “How High” and “Don’t Go Changing,” the latter of which Kip packaged with a corresponding music video and fundraising campaign to support independent music venues struggling with the impacts of the pandemic.

“The fans stepped up huge on ‘Don’t Go Changing,’ and right from the start, they were just really emotional about that track,” the singer says in retrospect during a new interview with American Songwriter.

“Any time I can shed light on a good cause, I’m gonna do it,” he adds.

But while he may have added to Wild World’s batch of songs, Kip says there’s still plenty of new music that has yet to see the light of day.

Wild World Deluxe includes four new songs, but the truth is that we had ten other ones on the table,” the singer explains. “I sincerely hope to get a chance to release the other ones someday, but it often just comes down to the flavor of an album.”

While Kip hasn’t shared exactly what his next move is, he’s definitely got big plans in the works. This week, he took to social media, writing, “I know I’ve been quiet on here but…I’ve been up to somethin. New things comin’.”

By Carena Liptak
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