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Kenny Chesney finds solitude by the sea in "Knowing You" video trailer

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Warner Music Nashville Kenny Chesney heads to the coast in the trailer for the video for his latest single, “Knowing You.” 

Filmed last fall in the fishing town of Gloucester, Mass. and the island St. Croix in the Caribbean, the clip shows the superstar strolling through the mist along a jetty in the middle of the ocean, with a lighthouse offering a glimmer of light in the background. 

“Not everything is meant to last. You don’t think about that when it’s perfect. And when it’s over, there’s a huge hole, but there’s also a pair of wings,” Kenny says in a voiceover. 

The camera then moves to a sailboat floating on the water at sunset. “Knowing you, wherever you are, I know you’re happy. You’re flying, and free. And I’m here still grateful for knowing you,” Kenny says as the video fades into a view of the gray ocean. 

The official video, which premieres on Friday, features footage of Kenny and his boat captain, Ben, working on a fishing boat off the East Coast. 

“Knowing You” is the fourth single off Kenny’s 2020 album, Here and Now, the title track of which is his 31st number-one hit.

By Cillea Houghton 
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