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"I love that dude!": Chris Young and Kane Brown's bromance heads to the small screen

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Jeff JohnsonToday, Chris Young unveils the music video for his top-25 hit, “Famous Friends.”

One of his co-stars in the clip is, of course, the famous friend who joins him on the collaboration, Kane Brown. From the beginning, Chris says there was no one else he’d rather have on the song.

“He was the first person that popped in my head,” Chris reveals. “I was like, ‘I want to do this, I want to add somebody else to this and it’d be really cool if it was me and Kane,’ because I’ve guested on his stuff before, but I’ve never had him guest on something of mine.”

“The biggest thing for me, as far as why I asked Kane,” he explains, “is because we ARE friends and it extends further than just the ‘Hey, you’re friends, because you’re both in music together.'”

“Like, I love that dude!” he adds.

Though Chris and Kane are label mates now, their relationship goes back even farther than that.

“He really liked my music,” Chris recalls, “and he had been writing with some mutual friends of ours, and they kind of put us together in the writing room. So I met him a long time ago, actually, I think before he was on Sony.”

“So it was really cool for me to get to know him and then have that basis of a friendship,” Chris continues, “especially for a moment like this, where it kind of comes full circle.”

Keep your eye on Chris’ socials and his YouTube channel to see the music video as soon as it comes out today. You can expect to see some of the everyday folks who are really Chris’ “Famous Friends” in the clip as well.

By Stephen Hubbard
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