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How to make a "Lady" cry: The first time Brett Young's wife heard his latest hit

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When it comes to his top ten hit, “Lady,” Brett Young admits he was pulling a bit of double-duty, playing both doting father to his daughter Presley and adoring husband to his wife Taylor

“We didn’t do it on purpose this way,” the California native explains, “but I knew once the song was written that I was gonna get credit for this song in two different stages.”

“I knew that I was gonna immediately get credit from my wife for a love song,” he continues. “And then years down the road, when my daughter was old enough to understand, I’d get credit for that one, too.”

So how did Taylor respond to Brett’s emotional lyrics like “Look at her, baby girl, and you’ll learn to be a lady?”

“I got a text back with all the emojis of her bawling her eyes out,” Brett reveals. “You know, you never really wanna make a woman cry, but in a situation like that, I think it’s okay.”

There are likely many more happy tears on the way for Brett and Taylor, as they’re expecting their second child this summer. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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