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Dwayne Johnson takes credit for the brand new blue truck emoji

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(LOS ANGELES) — Dwayne Johnson can add a new title to his impressive resume — emoji creator.

The actor/tequila mogul/XFL owner revealed late Thursday that a brand new truck emoji is coming out all thanks to him.

Johnson, 48, shared a cheeky video to his Twitter, proving that his January 5, 2016 tweet is what inspired the new addition apparently heading to smartphones everywhere.

The Jumanji actor wrote at the time, “Good mornin’ from the south.  Lets get to work.. (insert non existent pick up truck emoji)”

From there, whenever Johnson wanted to convey he was hard at work, he’d pointedly include “(insert non existent pick up truck emoji)” in his tweets, which apparently caught on with fans and sparked a national dialogue about the need for the new emoji.

Johnson also jokingly referred to past magazine covers that flaunted his importance, from being an “influential” celebrity to being the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

“Sometimes you have to speak & tweet things into existence,” he captioned the video. “I (and the world) needed a truck emoji. Ladies & gents – I give you, the NEW TRUCK EMOJI.”

Playing off the song he sang in Disney’s Moana, Johnson closed out the announcement by using the hashtag “#YoureWelcome.”

Those interested in seeing the new blue pickup truck emoji can check out Johnson’s video, where he unveils it at the end of his announcement.

The Hobbs & Shaw star hinted that he may have a hand in creating other emojis in the future, as the video briefly showcased his emoji wishlist.

Included in his hastily written down list, Johnson expresses that he wants a “bigger bicep emoji,” “double fist protein shakes,” a “throwing body through wall emoji” and an “even bigger pancake stack” — among others.

By Megan Stone
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