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Carrie Underwood shares a moment from her teen years when her dad “turned a bad day into a really good one”

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Disney Channel/Image Group LACarrie Underwood is among a number of A-List women to be featured in Peoples Beautiful issue, sharing some of the most beautiful things that have ever been said to them.

For the country superstar, one of the sweetest compliments she’s ever received came from her dad during an awkward stage of her youth. She’d had a difficult day in school because of a boy in her class who had made fun of her makeup.

“Hey, I was just 14…I was still learning how to do it,” Carrie says, thinking back on that moment. But things took a turn for the better when her family sat down to dinner that evening, the singer recounts.

“…For no reason at all, my dad told me that I looked really pretty. He had no clue about what had happened that day, nor is he exactly the kind of guy to give out compliments like that freely,” she explains. “But those words turned a bad day into a really good one.”

Not only has Carrie become an expert at doing her makeup, she’s also one of the most accomplished women in country music. Most recently, she’s been expanding her musical horizons. She released her first-ever gospel project, My Savior, this month, and she’s also gearing up for the 2021 Latin AMAs, where she and David Bisbal will perform their bilingual duet, “Tears of Gold.”

By Carena Liptak
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