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Brett Young's little "Lady" loves dad's voice and playing the piano

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Riker BrothersThis week, Brett Young continues his impressive streak of back-to-back number ones with his seventh single, “Lady.”

What’s even sweeter is that the song — inspired by his wife Taylor and his one-year-old daughter Presley — has made a big impression on the youngest member of the family. 

“She loves, loves, loves, loves music,” Brett explains. “And it’s very clear to us that she recognizes my voice specifically, because she loves all music, but when one of my songs comes on, she stops dead.”

Brett discovered that seems to be particularly true of “Lady” one day when he played the music video for the toddler.

“The reason I put it on is because she was fussy and it wasn’t her nap time yet, so we couldn’t put her down,” he recalls. “So I just tried it, and she just went silent and just stared at the screen the whole time.”

Now, Brett’s entertaining the possibility Presley may be musical, just like her dad.

“We have this little this pink piano in her room, and she pulls herself up and she plays the piano,” he says. “Obviously, it’s nothing you want to listen to, but I think we’re excited to get a piano in the house and get her lessons once she’s old enough.”

“And I’ll never force anything on her,” he vows. “But it seems like something she’s gravitating towards naturally. So we’re excited about that.”

Brett and Taylor recently revealed Presley will soon be a big sister, as they’re expecting another little girl sometime this summer. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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