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Tanya Tucker demonstrates her technique for collecting snow during water outage amid Texas ice storms

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ABC/Image Group LATanya Tucker is among the many Texans affected by this week’s ice and snow storms, and the singer took to social media to show fans how she’s dealing with the situation.

In a video, the singer explained that while her power had come back on, she still didn’t have water, so she had to get creative. The video shows her scooping fresh white snow from her backyard into a bucket.

“We’ve had probably five or six inches of snow. And [I’m] just taking it and putting it in this thing and…we’ll be able to flush our toilets now,” Tanya explains, smiling at the camera.

“No yellow snow. It’s gonna be yellow soon enough,” the singer jokes, as she finishes collecting snow to bring inside.

Though Tanya and her family are keeping their spirits up, she acknowledged in her post’s caption that the week’s storms have put Texans in a difficult and dangerous situation, one that can be deadly for those stranded or unable to access a warm place to stay.

“No power again & gotta boil the water, actually SNOW, here in Texas,” the singer wrote. “Thinking and praying for everyone else who has it much harder.”

By Carena Liptak
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