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Paul Bettany tells "lazy" teens to "stop watching 'WandaVision' for 5 mins…and shovel some snow"

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Disney+/Marvel Studios(LOS ANGELES) — You know the snow that’s blanketing the East Coast right now is a major deal when an actor actually tells people to stop watching their brand-new show and go out and shovel. 

Paul Bettany, star of WandaVisiontweeted earlier today, “Dear teens across the U.S. – it’s a big snowstorm. I just shoveled my sidewalk, then walked the dog & saw other ancients shoveling their sidewalks.” 

“Teens stop watching #WandaVision for 5 mins & shovel some snow u lazy puppies,” he added. “If you’ve already shoveled, ignore my rude message.” 

Bettany then followed up his message two hours later with, “Okay Teens across America, that’s enough shovelling snow! Get back inside and watch #WandaVision I haven’t got all day!”

Perhaps fans of the Disney+ show wanted to wait to start shoveling because they were preoccupied by the new mid-season preview of the series, which just dropped today. 

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By Stephen Iervolino
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