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"Is that viral?!" Dax Shepard reacts to video of daughter ignoring his dad dance moves

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Courtesy Motor Trend(NEW YORK) — Dax Shepard is so used to being ignored by his daughters that he had no idea a video proving it had been all over the Internet. 

On Monday, his wife Kristen Bell posted an Instagram video of Shepard dancing full-out to Kool And The Gang’s “Ladies’ Night,” just inches from one of their unimpressed daughters, who doesn’t look up from her tablet.

“Sadly, even his best moves are no match for the gripping allure of screen time,” Bell wrote in the caption to the post, which has nearly 3.5 million views on Instagram.

“Is that viral?!” Dax asked ABC Audio, while promoting his new Motor Trend show Top Gear America, with co-host Rob Corddry. Hot Tub Time Machine alum Corddry was apparently one of those millions of viewers.

“Your daughter just goes ‘Uhhh’…just tries to push you away at one point,” he reenacted with a laugh.

Shepard added, “What a really smart viewer will recognize is, like, how many times had I done that before Kristen was like, ‘I’m gonna film this one.’ You know, you never film the first thing [that goes] up. Should be telling.” 

Shepard and Kristen share two daughters, 7-year-old Lincoln and 6-year-old Delta. It’s unclear which girl was in the video.

By Stephen Iervolino
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