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“I Hope You Miss Me”: Walker Hayes’ new song is a bittersweet tale of letting go

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Electric MachineIn his new single I Hope You Miss Me,” Walker Hayes finds himself left alone in his small hometown after losing a loved one to the bright lights of Hollywood. And even though he’s cheering her on as she chases after her dreams, some small part of him hopes that it hurts her to leave, too.

“You want the part, baby go get it/Can’t wait to see your name in those credits,” he sings in the chorus. “Hope you find yourself, but selfishly/I hope you miss me.”

Though the song’s message could certainly apply to a romantic relationship, Walker says that it was actually inspired by his daughter and her big dreams of moving far away from home one day.

“To me, the sounds of this song and the lyrics emotionally embody something my daughter, Loxley, told me one time when she was four years old — ‘Daddy, you can hold me, but you can’t hold me forever’ — that’s what I hope ‘I Hope you Miss Me’ feels like,” he explains.

The new song follows Walker’s most recent release, “Trash My Heart,” which arrived last spring.

By Carena Liptak
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