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Dustin Lynch won't be burning down Tullahoma, but he can relate

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Connor DwyerDustin Lynch loves his his Tennessee hometown so much, he named his latest album in its honor, calling it Tullahoma. So when you hear him singing “I’d burn this whole town down if it wasn’t for my momma’s house,” it’s obvious his latest hit is one he didn’t write. 

Even though the song initially shocked him, it turned out to be a sentiment to which he could relate.

‘Momma’s House’ is a lyric that I’ve never heard before,” Dustin tells ABC Audio. “Whenever one of my friends sent me this song, it hit me in a way where I was like, ‘Whoa!’ It kind of made me step back and go, ‘I was not expecting that out of the title ‘Momma’s House.'”

“But it’s an emotion I think we’ve all felt,” he continues, “especially those that grew up in small towns. And you break up with the girl you’re dating and you’re like, ‘My world’s crumbling. There’s no one else here.'”

For Dustin, it brings to mind a rather heart-wrenching chapter in his own life.

“My grandparents are high school sweethearts, my parents [are] high school sweethearts, my sister married her high school sweetheart,” he explains. “So whenever my high school sweetheart didn’t work out, it was such a shock.”

“I thought I had life figured out, right?” he recalls. “And I felt that emotion where I just, I wanted to burn the town down because everything in my hometown reminded me of her.”  

The Grand Ole Opry member is set to play country music’s most famous stage this Saturday night, just as “Momma’s House” is one spot away from the top ten.


By Stephen Hubbard
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