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Dan + Shay are grateful and “Glad You Exist” in their feel-good new single

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Warner Music NashvilleDan + Shay have a message of positivity and gratitude to share in their uplifting new single, “Glad You Exist,” which arrived on Friday morning after the band had been teasing it on social media for several days.

“To us, ‘Glad You Exist’ is more than just a song,” the duo reveals. “It’s a message of gratitude and hope. A message to everyone in our lives: Our fans, our friends, our families, to remind them all how grateful we are to be on the planet at the same time.”

That’s an especially poignant message for the pandemic era, where Dan + Shay, like most other touring acts across the world, have found themselves at home and away from their fans more than they ever could have imagined beforehand.

“This song has taken on new meaning not being able to see our loved ones in person, but throughout history, music has always had a special way of bringing people together, even when we are furthest apart,” Dan + Shay continue. “We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and again.) We’re just so glad you exist. Every. Single. One of you.”

“Glad You Exist” follows “I Should Probably Go to Bed,” the band’s fifth consecutive chart-topping single, which they put out last July.

By Carena Liptak
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