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Chris Young believes we all have "Famous Friends," but not everybody gets to play golf with Bill Murray

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Jeff JohnsonChris Young enlisted one of his “Famous Friends,” Kane Brown, to help him on his latest hit.

In truth, the title of the song is rather ironic, since the “Famous Friends” Chris is talking about are the everyday folks in your hometown. The Murfreesboro, Tennessee native says he’s been proud to see his fans inserting their own stories into the song.

“I’m kind of pleasantly surprised the way that people have kind of put themselves into this song, because it is so personal,” Chris reflects. “And I namedrop people that I know with specific names, specific counties in the case of me and Kane namedropping where we grew up, and then Davidson County, obviously being Nashville.”

“But it’s been really, really awesome because people have been coming back to me going, ‘Oh, man, this made me think about this person that I grew up with or this person that was from my town,'” he continues. “And it’s always great when a song makes people think that way.”

Of course, Chris does legitimately have some famous friends, and he admits to getting a little star-struck from time to time.

“I played golf with Bill Murray,” he reveals, “and that was just surreal because I’m just such a huge fan of him and his movies. And you know, I’ve probably watched the original Ghostbusters movie 100 times, I think, over the course of my life.”

“So it was really, really awesome getting the chance to do that,” he adds. “And I was just looking around going, ‘Is this real life? What’s happening right now?'”

“Famous Friends” is from Chris’s as-yet-unannounced follow-up t0 2017’s Losing Sleep.


By Stephen Hubbard
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