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"Chasing After You": Maren Morris and husband Ryan Hurd release new duet and music video

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ABC/Image Group LAMaren Morris and her husband, fellow singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd, released their new duet, “Chasing After You,” on Friday.

The song, written by Brinley Addington and Jerry Flowers, is the couple’s first duet together. Morris and Hurd married in 2018 and have one child together, Hayes Andrew Hurd, whom they welcomed in March 2020.

The lyrics to their new single, which was co-produced by Teddy Reimer and Aaron Eshuis, describe an up-and-down relationship with two people who are always drawn back to one another.  The chorus includes: “Every time, every time you say we’re done/ You come back to the love you were running from/ Don’t know why, don’t know why I let you but I do/ Guess I love chasing after you.”

Although this is their first official duet, Maren and Ryan have collaborated with each other many times before.

“Maren and I met writing songs and we’ve sung on each other’s records and written together, but this is the first time we’ve gotten to do an actual duet together,” Hurd said in a statement. “It feels like the timing is really perfect and it’s a full circle moment to get to make music together in this way.”

“Chasing After You” follows Hurd’s 2020 EP EOM and Morris’ last release, her duet with singer-songwriter JP Saxe, “Line by Line,” which dropped last month.

By Hayley FitzPatrick and Carena Liptak
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