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Carly Pearce comes to terms with heartbreak and hard truths on “Should’ve Known Better”

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Allister AnnJust one day after announcing her upcoming seven-song collection, 29, Carly Pearce is sharing one of the project’s new tracks. “Should’ve Known Better” is a poignant reflection on heartbreak, and the hindsight gained after going through a painful experience.

“I gave you my heart, you let it go to waste / You made me do the leaving and you made me take the blame,” Carly sings in the chorus. “Does it make you feel good to make me feel bad? / Yeah, you should’ve known better, should’ve known better…”

When she first announced 29, Carly introduced it as the product of a difficult time in her life marked by the sudden loss of her producer and mentor, busbee, as well as her divorce from fellow country artist Michael Ray.

Now, the singer explains that this song in particular is the result of what she’s learned about finding accountability and perspective in the wake of a break-up.

“I’ve discovered a lot about myself over the last year, wrestling with how not to assign so much blame for accepting or overlooking things that in the end, you should’ve known,” she explains. “This song is about finding peace in all kinds of relationships as you figure them out, and hopefully, you’re better for the next.”

29 is due out on Feb. 19. It features Carly’s current single, “Next Girl.”

By Carena Liptak
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