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Blake Shelton gets rejected by Gwen Stefani in T-Mobile ad

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Emma McIntyre/Getty ImagesIn an alternate universe, Blake Shelton gets rejected by his fiancee Gwen Stefani in a new T-Mobile ad.

The 60-second spot, which debuted during the Super Bowl, reunites Blake with his former The Voice judge Adam Levine, beginning with a faux flashback to Gwen calling Adam over video chat, informing him that she’s finally ready to date.

“I’m sick of L.A. guys,” she declares, explaining that she wants someone who’s potentially from another country, “cultured,” “sensitive” and is “not threatened by a strong, confident woman.”

But due to their poor internet connection, what Adam hears on the other end is “I want someone completely country, uncultured and threatened by a strong, confident woman” — just as Blake is heading back to their table with wings and nachos.

“I have your guy,” Adam chuckles to Gwen.

While Gwen is later waiting at a table at a fancy restaurant waiting for her blind date, she is surprised to see that it’s Blake as he approaches her with his cowboy boots and spurs.

“Did you ride a horse here?” she inquires after playfully rejecting him, to which Blake replies “yeah” in a way that implies it should be obvious. “You need a ride home?” he asks, Gwen tempted by the offer. 

After meeting as judges on The Voice in 2014, the couple got engaged in October. Blake will return to the coaching panel when season 20 of the show premieres on March 1 on NBC. 

By Cillea Houghton
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