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'WandaVision' debuts today on Disney+

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Marvel Studios/Disney+(LOS ANGELES) — The Marvel Cinematic Universe makes its official first foray to the small screen today with the debut of WandaVision. The series stars big screen MCU heroes Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and her onscreen android love interest Vision, played by Paul Bettany, and drops them into classic sitcom settings a la the Dick Van Dyke Show, Betwitched, and The Brady Bunch

However, there’s something darker afoot to explain why the pair find themselves in the suburban TV bliss that only American TV could create. 

Bettany tells ABC News, “Two super powered beings have been dropped into a idyllic black and white 1950s…sitcom…until Vision begins to think, ‘It’s got to be something wrong here.'”

There is indeed, but Marvel Studios is playing those twists very close to the vest.

Bettany adds, “My hope for the show is that it’s going to be incredibly satisfying for…dyed-in-the-wool Marvel fans, because they’re going to get to see the Marvel universe in a whole new light.”

For her part, Olsen tells ABC News that even hardcore fans will be surprised. “I think the DNA through and through in our show is 100% Marvel. I believe the way we are unraveling a story about these two characters is completely unique, and unlike what we’re used to.”

For Olsen, who like Bettany shows off some solid comic chops in the show, she says she adored the sets as the couple finds themselves hurtling from decade to decade. “I mean, I had more wigs in this one show than I have had in all of my Marvel movies combined,” she laughs. “It was the attention to detail in all Marvel movies is just pretty spectacular.” 

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By Stephen Iervolino
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