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Tom Brady's father opens up about three-week battle with COVID-19

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Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty ImagesBy ABC News

(NEW YORK) — Tom Brady, the star quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is currently training hard for the Super Bowl in two weeks. However, little did fans know, Brady was secretly worrying about his parents at the start of the season because they were battling COVID-19.

Tom Brady Sr. opened up about his diagnosis on ESPN Radio’s #Greeny about how he and his wife Galynn — both 76 — both tested positive for the virus. However, the patriarch revealed he needed to be hospitalized for three weeks because he was “sick as a dog.”

The elder Brady said the virus was so severe, it prevented them from watching their son’s first two games, something that never happened before.

“We’ve never missed a game at Michigan or New England or wherever,” he explained. “For the first two games when I was in the hospital, I didn’t even care if they were playing — much less missing the game. It was a matter of life and death, just like anybody who goes to the hospital. That’s serious stuff.”

Galynn, he adds, is a breast cancer survivor and expressed gratitude that the virus didn’t affect her nearly as much. He adds that one of his daughters, who is a nurse, cared for her while he was hospitalized.

Adds Tom Sr., his son really struggled during his hospitalization and would “FaceTime me every day on his way to and from practice.”

“Tommy fought through it, and so now it’s in the rearview mirror,” noted the family patriarch, adding that his son was “stressed out” by the ordeal. Now, everyone can focus on the upcoming Big Game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Getting to the 10th Super Bowl in 19 years of playing is pretty — it’s incomprehensible,” said Brady Sr., “It’s beyond anything we could ever imagine.”

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