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Tilda Swinton says in candid new interview she "always felt I was queer"

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Rocco Spaziani/Archivio Rocco Spaziani/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images(WASHINGTON D.C.) — Tilda Swinton opened up in a new interview about her sexual identity and what it means to her.

Speaking to British Vogue on Wednesday for its February 2021 issue, the Doctor Strange star opened up about playing characters that identified as queer and says she shares something in common with them.

“I’m very clear that queer is actually, for me anyway, to do with sensibility,” the 60-year-old British actress stated. “I always felt I was queer – I was just looking for my queer circus, and I found it.”

Swinton, whose been in a romantic relationship with German/New Zealand visual artist Sandro Kopp since 2004, continued, “Having found it, it’s my world.”

She furthers that her circle has expanded to several new “family” members, which are all acclaimed filmmakers.

“Now I have a family with Wes Anderson, I have a family with Bong Joon-ho, I have a family with Jim Jarmusch, I have a family with Luca Guadagnino, with Lynne Ramsay, with Joanna Hogg,” the Oscar winner disclosed.

Also during the interview, Swinton confessed that her goals in life were anything but launching a successful movie career.

“I’ve never had any ambition as an artist,” she exclaimed. “That may sound crazy and transgressive, but it’s a fact. If you’d asked me when I was 10 or 20, I would have said my only ambitions were to live in a family, to have friends that made me laugh and laughed at my jokes, and to live in the Highlands of Scotland, by the sea with a lot of dogs and a kitchen garden. Seriously.”

The Snowpiercer star says she is “blessed” to have achieved those dreams of hers, adding, “Everything else is a bonus. Everything else is just icing and candles and flowers alongside.”

By Megan Stone
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