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'Snowpiercer' to keep chugging into third season

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Steven Ogg in “Snowpiercer” – Courtesy TNT(NEW YORK) — Snowpiercer, TNT’s adaptation of the 2013 Bong Joon-ho sci-fi film, will stay on the tracks into season 3.

The network announced that the post-apocalyptic show, starring Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly, Hamilton Tony winner Daveed Diggs, Sean Bean, and Steven Ogg, has been renewed before the show’s second season debuts on January 25. 

The series is set onboard a 1,001-car train that can never stop, which houses the only human survivors of a climate catastrophe that left the earth an arctic wasteland. The train is divided by class — because, well, people — and there’s a rebellion from the regulars who eke out a living in the back against the elite living high on the hog in the front cars.

Steven Ogg, a veteran of The Walking Dead, and known to a generation of gamers as Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V, plays survivalist Pike in Snowpiercer. He tells ABC Audio he wasn’t expecting the show’s train sets to be so realistic. “The train’s moving — it shakes. It’s awesome,” he laughs.

“It was funny: at first we were told there was going to be movement on the train, but that first time when you have your first words to say, and ‘Action’ is called, and all of the sudden the train starts going back and forth a bit — I forgot all my lines.”

Ogg adds, “You sort of have sea legs. I certainly found myself always holding on to either side. You remember in the old days when we used to fly in planes?” the actor asks sarcastically, “when you walk down the aisles, you sort of hold on to each side? That’s how it feels in the train — you sort of feel at the end of the day like you’re still on a ship, that movement…It’s pretty amazing, that world, truly.”

Snowpiercer returns Monday, January 25 at 9 p.m. ET on TNT

By Stephen Iervolino 
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