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Niko Moon has a “Good Time” with Shaggy in this breezy new rendition of his hit song

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Matthew Berinato/Johnathan MannionNiko Moon’s “Good Time” is poised to be his breakout hit as a country artist, with the song a top-ten hit and climbing at country radio.

Meanwhile, the singer is offering an even more laid-back and carefree rendition of his ode to having fun, inviting reggae star Shaggy to join him for a new duet version of “Good Time.” While Niko had long been a fan of Shaggy, he says that the collaboration allowed him to get to know the singer better, and now he admires him on a personal level, too.

“We worked on this song remotely, which made it a lot of fun. I love Shaggy’s music and his whole vibe,” Niko explains, adding that while the song might sound easygoing, the recording process wasn’t always quite so carefree.

“I found we are both perfectionists when it comes to our work, and we really dialed into every detail,” Niko continues. “This is my first collaboration and I had a blast. I loved getting two creative minds together. We’re in completely different genres but we both love having a good time!”

Niko’s single is also the title track for his 2020 Good Time EP. He also recently released an acoustic, outdoors version as part of his Good Time Campfire Sessions EP.

In addition to his rapidly growing career as a recording artist, Niko is an in-demand Music City songwriter who has written five number-one hits for Zac Brown Band. He also penned Dierks Bentley’s current single, “Gone,” and before deciding to cut “Good Time” himself, he thought about pitching the song to Blake Shelton.

By Carena Liptak
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