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Luke Combs and wife Nicole are "Better Together," even if he's "all gushy" and she's "to blame"

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ABC This week, Luke Combs extends his string of number ones to ten, as “Better Together” tops the country chart.

Having inspired hits like “Beautiful Crazy,” “Lovin’ on You,” and his current chart topper, there’s no denying that Luke’s wife Nicole is his muse — one with a sense of humor.

“She always loves it, you know, I mean, she’s always pumped about it,” Luke says of his tributes in song. “But me and her have a really good back and forth, you know, and we don’t take almost anything too seriously.”

“So we joke around a lot,” he reveals, “and she jokes around with me about that stuff, too, saying I’m all gushy and everything like that. So we do enjoy giving each other crap from time to time.”

If we seem to be seeing a more laidback side of Luke these days, he says it’s solely Nicole’s fault. 

“I enjoy writing that kind of stuff, and it’s something that I feel like I have a little bit of a knack for,” he admits. “I don’t necessarily want to be the love song guy, but I feel like kind of I am right now, which is just kind of where I was and happened to be at the moment.”

“So I don’t really have any control over that. You know, if she wasn’t so great, then this wouldn’t be happening…” he laughs. “I got her to blame!”

Luke’s sophomore album, What You See Is What You Get, has just been certified Double Platinum. And you can check out its deluxe edition, titled What You See Ain’t Always What You Get.

By Stephen Hubbard
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