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Jimmie Allen shares teaser of "No Limits" with Blanco Brown

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ABC/Jeff NeiraJimmie Allen and Blanco Brown have joined forces on a collaboration. 

The “Best Shot” singer has shared a teaser of a new collaborative track, “No Limits,” with a 60-second clip playing over a black and white image of a speaker.

The hip-hop-meets-country melody is filled with hand claps and bass, with a twangy guitar mixed in. Blanco kicks off the song by transporting us inside a feel-good scene of raised glasses before Jimmie jumps in and bolsters the party vibe.

“Hey you bartender/Pour a round for two/’Cause we ‘gon tear this mother down like we always do/So let’s go/Pedal to the floor/Ain’t no limits out here/Let’s go/We on a roll/Ain’t no limits out here,” Jimmie sings.

Fans are already sharing their praise for the new tune, with Rita Wilson cheering “This is FANTASTIC!!!!” in the comment section, while Atlanta-based pop group Here The Band and duo Striking Matches respond with a series of fire emojis. 

Blanco burst on to the scene in 2019 with his dance bop, “The Git Up.” Jimmie’s current single is “Freedom Was a Highway” featuring Brad Paisley

By Cillea Houghton 
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