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Jane Krakowski loves 'Dickinson''s spin on the poet

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Apple TV+(NEW YORK) — As it does every Friday, Apple TV+ has dropped the latest episode of the Peabody Award-winning show Dickinson.

Hailee Steinfeld produces and stars as the acclaimed poet, in a series that uses modern music and sensibilities to deliberately tweak what you may have thought you have known about her life.

“What a great change for Emily Dickinson to be introduced to a younger audience this way versus the way I think we might have been taught about her in our early school years, where it almost seemed like medicine to learn about her poetry,” co-star Jane Krakowski laughs to ABC Audio.

The Tony winning and Emmy nominated actress plays Emily’s homemaker mom. She says Dickinson “was [always] depicted to people in such a sort of spinstery solemn way,” and the series, “really shakes that image away, and gives her a whole other persona, which I think the Dickinson scholars believe was more like what she was like.”

She adds with a laugh of the real-life poet, “she was much more of a fun person to be around and not as spinstery as we thought.”

Krakowski played a spoiled actress in 30 Rock, and a socialite former trophy wife in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so to see her character in Dickinson declare to her husband, “I belong in the kitchen!” is quite the change.

“Totally,” the actress agrees, “which was one of the reasons I really wanted to be a part of it…because I felt it was very different than…other parts that I had played.”

She adds of the series, “It lives sort of in a hybrid…some of it is very comedic and then some of it isn’t. And so that’s really fun for me to get to have that mix in there.” 

By Stephen Iervolino
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