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'Heart & Soul': Eric Church announces a three-album project on the way

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Reid LongOver the past several months, Eric Church has been slowly releasing music and teasing that his next album was on the horizon. In a video message to his Church Choir fan club on Thursday, the singer finally revealed the full picture: A three-part album project called Heart & Soul.

The 24-song collection is broken up into three discs, with nine on the first (Heart) and the last (Soul). The middle record, &, consists of six songs and will be available exclusively for Eric’s Church Choir fans as a vinyl record.

The project was born during Eric’s writing retreat in the North Carolina mountains, he explains, and towards the end of his stay, the singer and his producer Jay Joyce began to try to figure out exactly what the shape of the music would be.

“I kept saying, ‘God, this is going to be really hard. There’s a lot here. Is this a double album? And if it’s a double album, how do we leave out these five or six songs?’” the singer recounts. “I am the hardest critic in making sure every song deserves to be on the record, and I beat this thing to death going, ‘This can’t be that good.’ But it was just a special, special time and a special, special project that I think will be among our best.”

The three albums will arrive on April 16, April 20 and April 23, with the middle album, &, available only to Church Choir members. Preorder is available for all three albums beginning January 29.

By Carena Liptak
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