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Hailee Steinfeld loves "sinking [her] teeth" into 'Dickinson', as actor and producer

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Apple TV+(NEW YORK) — Today, the first three episodes of the anticipated second season of Peabody Award-winning original comedy Dickinson drop on Apple TV+.

The show takes a “fresh” look at rebellious American poet Emily Dickinson, played by star — and producer — Hailee Steinfeld. 

The singer and Oscar-nominated actress tells ABC Audio what it’s like working double-duty on the series, which uses popular music and a modern sensibility to put a new spin on the groundbreaking writer’s life. 

“It’s been a ride!” she smiles.

“Every little five minute break I’ve had is literally on phone calls or respond to emails, which, you know, I like, now, it’s cool…”

Hailee laughed when asked about what a larger level of commitment it takes to produce a show she’s also starring in. “It definitely is,” admitting, “I might not have known that in its entirety before I got into it.”

The actress said, “I knew I wanted to obviously be involved as an actor when I read these scripts, it felt so different and so fresh and unique. The idea of being a part of this show in more than one way and in helping it come together…I couldn’t…have thought of a better first project to experience this [producer] role on.”

The second season of the show deals with Emily’s newfound fame as a poet, something her conservative family doesn’t take well.

Getting a second season — and the news a third season was greenlit even before the sophomore season debuted — was freeing, Hailee says. “It’s been a really fun character…for me just to sort of…sink my teeth into.”

She adds, “It’s a blast.”

Returning for the new season are ensemble cast members including Jane Krakowski, Toby Huss and rapper Wiz Khalifa, who returns as “Death.”

By Stephen Iervolino
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