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Gabby Barrett's first child is due any day, but she's already planning for number two

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ABC/Image Group LA“I Hope” singer Gabby Barrett will be a first-time mom “any day now,” according to her Instagram account, but the former American Idol finalist says she’s already thinking about baby number two.

“We’re ready to add on to our family and get some babies in there,” she tells People. “I definitely want to have more than one in the future, for sure.”

Twenty-year-old Gabby, who’s expecting a baby girl, says “I always wanted to be a mom. It was something that was always ingrained in me from a very young age. I remember being in high school and I would always pray about my future spouse and my future kids.”

“I just can’t wait to see what she looks like. It’s insane to me that we are literally right around the corner from this; that she’s coming very soon,” she adds.

Until then, Gabby will have to deal with the downsides of pregnancy.

“I can’t do normal things that I want to do. I get so tired so quickly,” she laments. “I want to clean the house and make sure everything’s so clean, but it’s so hard to bend down and it’s hard to roll over when you sleep.”

Luckily, her husband and fellow American Idol alum Cade Foehner is around to help out.

“He’s just been very nice. He rubs my feet every single night. He’s been extra, extra thoughtful,” Gabby gushes, adding, “He’s just been very patient about [my mood swings] and very understanding.”

“I hope she gets Cade’s hair, not mine,” Gabby adds, laughing. “He has much nicer hair than I do.”



By Andrea Dresdale
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