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Ernie Hudson on the "insanity" of the DC protests, and the culture clash of shooting new film 'Redemption Day'

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Steve Iervolino/ABC News(NEW YORK) — Ghostbusters and Oz star Ernie Hudson can be seen in the thriller Redemption Day, which is now streaming.  But as the actor tells ABC Audio, the chaos which unfolded in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, when protestors stormed the U.S. Capitol, is what’s top of mind for him right now.

“Yeah, man, this is a whole other, you know, uncharted territory. You know, I knew we’d get past the pandemic, but getting past our insanity, that’s a whole other issue,” the affable actor and producer said.

Hudson added, “You know, I don’t know where we’re going to end up. I know we will never get back to where we were, but we’ll see what happens.” 

As for Redemption Day, Hudson plays the military dad of Gary Dourdan’s character, a U.S. Special Forces vet who mounts a rescue mission after terrorists kidnap his wife. Hudson says the film’s shooting location was key to coming aboard.

“One of the main reasons for doing it is — I mean, I love the script and the character, and Gary Dourdan, who stars in it, had worked on the show that I produce and star in called The Family Business. So I wanted to work with him,” he explains.

He laughs, “But my wife’s favorite movie is Casablanca. So when she heard it was shooting in Morocco, that was a done deal.”

Hudson notes that shooting in the country was an “adjustment” for him. 

“It was just different…and I think of that in a positive way,” he says. “Beautiful landscape. But it was a great…learning trip. But it definitely was different and more so than I thought going into it.”  

Redemption Day also stars Andy Garcia, Martin Donovan and Serinda Swan.

By Stephen Iervolino
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