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Diane Lane talks about reuniting with Kevin Costner, and 'Let Him Go''s intense "Porkchop Summit" scene

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Focus Features/Kimberly French(NEW YORK) — Based on the 2013 Larry Watson book of the same name, writer-director Thomas Bezucha’s [bez-OOH-kah] intense drama Let Him Go is now available to own on digital. 

Set in 1963, the film stars Oscar winner Kevin Costner and Oscar nominee Diane Lane, who play George and Margaret Blackledge, a couple mourning the accidental death of their son and who go to great lengths to be reunited with their only grandson.  The retired lawman and his wife hit the road to find the boy and their former daughter-in-law after she’s forced to skip town with her abusive new husband.

For Lane, snagging Costner as the male lead was a wish come true, she tells ABC Audio. “We didn’t dare say Kevin’s name out loud,” Lane laughed. “We didn’t want to jinx it…”

She adds, “We’d worked together before portraying husband and wife…years before on Man of Steel, and [when] we said goodbye… I think Kevin said to me, “[W]e need to work together again…I think we have something here,’ Lane recalls, “I was like, ‘Ditto!'” 

Let Him Go slow-burns into an intense thriller as George and Margaret learn how dangerous her new in-laws really are. Things come to a head at a dinner at the new family’s creepy, off-the-grid home, hosted by a scene-stealing Leslie Manville as the family’s incredibly icy matriarch.  It might just be the most tense onscreen meal since Game of Thrones‘ infamous “Red Wedding.”

“I agree, and thank you,” Lane laughs at the comparison. “Yeah, we called that ‘Porkchop Summit,’ that sequence…It was delicious. I mean, pardon the pun!  It’s hard to have an appetite in that kind of stress. Have you ever had a situation where you’re trying to eat a beautiful meal and it’s just hell happening emotionally? It’s really tough.”


By Stephen Iervolino 
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