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Chris Evans, Issa Rae and more react to protestors storming US Capitol

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Marvel Studios(LOS ANGELES) — (NOTE LANGUAGE) Chaos erupted Wednesday when pro-Trump protestors breached the U.S. Capitol Building as lawmakers were counting Electoral College votes.  The breach resulted in lawmakers being evacuated and ordered to shelter in place.

The violence that resulted in at least four deaths.  A law enforcement official confirmed to ABC News that a woman was shot at the U.S. Capitol and later died.  Three others died of unknown medical reasons.

In addition, protestors were photographed breaking into lawmakers’ offices, storming the Senate dais, ransacking desks in the Senate Chamber and stealing memorabilia.

Celebrities were quick to express their dismay over Wednesday’s scene.  While some took to social media to urge for peace and unity, others slammed the protestors.

Here are some celebrity reactions:

Uzo Abduba: They won’t win

Tatyana AliI am crying tears of rage as I watch how these people, who stormed the capital, r being treated w such care. These individuals will be free to leave after their siege. They have more rights than anyone else & just proved it. What more can they possibly have the gaul to ask for?

Kirstie Alley: I believe most protesters (98%) came in peace.. 2% can do so much damage … be part of the 98%.. I know you will and are.. keep everyone safe.. go home and love your friends and families ..

Alec Baldwin: How many chances did Trump have to heal the damage that he himself promulgated? He had many chances. But Trump is a psychotic maniac. So…

Joy Behar: Putin is so enjoying this. Happy, republicans who supported this monster?

Zac Braff: I’m glad my Father isn’t alive to see this.

Karamo Brown: Shame on the news referring to these Domestic Terrorist as ‘Trump Supporters’ as if they are peaceful people supporting a president. These are terrorist w/ visible guns! Imagine if they were Middle Eastern or Black… they would not be called supporters & they wouldn’t be alive.

Yvette Nicole Brown: He incited this riot and now won’t allow the National Guard to quell it. Realize what is happening in our nation right now.

Sharna Burgess: CNN is looking like the opening scene of the next purge movie. What the actual f*** am I witnessing here

Stephen Colbert: Now I’ve said before, violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.  And if the last four years have taught us anything, it’s that there are a lot of incompetent people in our leadership… Let’s remember them for who they showed themselves to be today: Cynical cowards who believe the voters should not get to choose who governs this country. Let’s hope the voters prove them all wrong.

James Corden: What a crazy, sad day. A day that will go down as a dark one in the long history of America.  It felt sad, it felt wrong, but mainly, it felt hopeless. I hope when the dust settles and we reflect on what happened on this awful day, that we still have hope… Today, people across the world, would have looked at these pictures in Washington and wondered what on Earth has happened to this great country? But I truly believe that the America they admire still exists. The America so many aspire to will be back. It’s been hijacked by a lunatic and his crazy army for the last four years. But that’s about to end.

John Cusack: Rember [sic] when people were peaceably protesting outside White House – not so long ago ? Then came the cops the horses the helicopters &tear gas came Are we really going to pretend US capital cannot be secured It’s a joke – an inside job

Ava DuVernay: “I know your pain. I know your hurt. But you have to go home now… We love you. You’re very special.” – Trump to his terrorists

Chris Evans: I’m speechless

Jimmy Fallon: This is what happens when there’s no peaceful transition of power and what happens when there’s bad leadership.  This is not how you lose.  If my grandfather were alive today and saw what was happening in the country that he fought for, he’d be disgusted.  People walking around with the flag upside down thinking they’re patriotic?  Today was not patriotism.  Today was terrorism.

Mia Farrow: You do NOT represent a party of law and order. These terrorists are your supporters. Do something more than tweet. Show some leadership & order them away from the Capitol.

Josh Gad: Trump should be arrested for instigating this chaos.

James Gunn:Thinking positively, perhaps American is waking up after a long sleep and it hurts like hell getting out of bed.

Mark Hamill: The only other person enjoying this chaos & anarchy as much as our defeated president is Vladimir Putin.

Armie Hammer: Hey, America…. are you ok??

Kevin Hart: 2 completely different America’s that we are living in. If these people were black they would have all been shot dead. This s*** is past the word sad….at this point it’s pure disrespect to all people of color. Why can’t we see this situation handled the same way that we have seen our people handled repeatedly….when the armed officers are supposed to use force they don’t….S*** is fucking SAD!!!!!

Mindy KalingThere may be jaw-dropping, unlawful, Un-American acts being perpetrated in our capitol today, but what will last, when the dust of today has settled, is the work of this true patriot.

Khloe Kardashian: The epitome of white privilege! How disturbing!!! I am sick to my stomach !

Michael Keaton: I was chased and run through tear gas demonstrating against the war in the 70s. What the police DIDN’T do today was shocking. They sure were ready during the BLM demos which was peaceful. 

Jimmy Kimmel: These people are not Americans. There is no” We the people,” there is “Me the people” and that’s it.  The wildest part is these MAGA marchers think Donald Trump cares about them. He doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about your wife, or your job or your healthcare or the air you breathe, the water you drink.  He cares about himself. And only about himself. Unless you were pushing a lawnmower, he wouldn’t let you into his golf club. He’d roll his limo right over you to get a Chik-Fil-A sandwich.

Karlie Kloss: Accepting the results of a legitimate democratic election is patriotic. Refusing to do so and inciting violence is anti-American.

Ashton Kutcher: Support the peaceful transition of power!!!!!!!! That’s being a patriot!

Rachel Lindsay: This is the type of America half the country votes for.

Jane Lynch: We have a most cowardly, unmotivated and lethargic Democratic leadership. Trumpism would never have taken such deep roots with an empowered and patriotic opposition ready to fight back.

Meghan McCain: This one one of America’s darkest days in our entire history.


Chloë Grace Moretz: Peaceful protesters during BLM were beaten, tear gassed, arrested , treated with BRUTALITY and you’re telling me that the capitol is being stormed and there is hardly any show of force to stop it ? This speaks for itself.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Unimaginable. Disgraceful. Shocking. But no surprise. So many to hold responsible. You know who you are. You dismissed the violent, divisive, cruel rhetoric. You made excuses. Cowards He/you are not leaders. We will try to re-build. You will try to live with yourselves

Ben Platt: naw the term “protestors” doesn’t really apply here they’re “domestic white nationalist terrorists incited to stage a coup by a dictator who should be removed and put in jail” but we are also accepting “violently sore losers” & “nazis”

Antoni Porowski: I thought many of these protestors said Blue Lives Matter just a few months ago… a lesson in hypocrisy.

Leah ReminiPraying for our country. Sickened & saddened by what I’m seeing-on so many levels. Cowards. Disgraceful. We will get through this. #CapitolRiots

Issa Rae: Truly disgusted

Shonda RhimesNot “supporters”. Not “rioters”. The word is “terrorists”.

Mark RuffaloThe reality and shame of this country. Now we all see it. Today revealed the true enemies of this nation.

Octavia Spencer: If the election is invalid, then these newly elected people should technically not be in office. How can they reject the top of the ticket, but support their Own wins?

Uma Thurman: Tonight I feel so grateful for the better nature of the Congress to be so brave. The principle of the Loyal Opposition has been too long missing in those halls. I pray that they study the meaning of Loyal Opposition in order to safeguard the integrity of our dual party system. I share the grateful appreciation of a learning, mindful police facing domestic unrest, although the curve of learning could have been accelerated. Today we saw the civic defenders use extreme control. We must all appreciate it and hope to see it applied to all races. We will overcome this division of the just rule of law together, however too slowly. But no one has promised us fairness since we were children. I am a patriot: Long may our founding fathers’ Constitution be upheld, and improved, with a little dash of help from the American mothers.

Jonathan Van Ness: Trump still has 2 weeks left. He must be impeached immediately. He is unfit to ever hold office again which is one of the punishments offered by impeachment. Once our elected officials are out of F****** LOCKDOWN make sure to let them know

Dwayne Wade: Black people get pulled over and don’t make it out alive. We can’t sleep in our own beds without being killed. We can’t jog without being killed. We can’t walk down the street with our hoodies up without being killed but they can do this???

Susan Kelechi Watson: Eric was selling loose cigarettes. Phillando reaching for his identification. Trayon was walking through a neighborhood with skittles. George allegedly had a counterfeit $20. Anarchy in the capitol and law enforcement spent the first hour with their hands in their pockets. Ok.

By Megan Stone
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